Transforming yourself for the future library

VALA2014 is being held in Melbourne in February 2014. The conference is billed as the “must-attend event” for specialists, managers and leading edge thinkers working in information and technology in the GLAM sectors.


I am facilitating a bootcamp at VALA2014 on ‘Transforming yourself for the future library‘. Libraries are transforming by rebooting their image, playing with new services and spaces, and trying to meet the demands of a generation of digital natives. What is the nature of these changes and how can librarians prepare themselves for the challenges ahead?

In the bootcamp we will explore the nature of transformational change in libraries. We will look at what is influencing this change and how libraries are responding. Participants in the bootcamp will imagine their libraries in 2020 and beyond and look at how they can future-proof their careers for the road ahead.

My premise for the workshop is that libraries are transforming and that librarians need to be ready to lead that change by transforming themselves. The workshop will be practical and interactive and will provoke some revealing small group discussions. I will challenge participants to be prepared to face their fears and pursue their passions.

My session runs on Tuesday 4 February 2014 10:50am – 12:30pm. The hashtag for the session is #VALA2014 #BCC

For more information on the VALA2014 conference, check out the program. I hope to see you there!


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