The nostalgia and romance of typewriters

For most of us, the mechanical staccato of the typewriter has faded into memory. The push of the heavy carriage, the slap of the keys striking paper, the fingers ink-stained from replacing ribbons – all sweet nostalgia for an obsolete technology. The digital world marches on.

Not so for a dedicated band of typewriter enthusiasts, collectors and artists who are leading a revival driven by their deep affection for these machines. In fact, some writers never stopped using them. Today, you are more likely to find a vintage typewriter restored for sale in a high-end vintage shop, rather than out on the nature strip for the hard rubbish collection.

Read more in my piece for the Spectrum section of The Age/ Sydney Morning Herald.

My piece features an interview with Helen Garner reflecting on her affection for her handsome black Corona portable typewriter.


2 thoughts on “The nostalgia and romance of typewriters

  1. I have a Hermes 3000 Baby typewriter. It is the same typewriter Joan Lindsay used to write Picnic at Hanging Rock with and which is on display at Mulberry Hill, the house she lived and worked in, then donated to the National Trust after her death in 1984. I am using the Hermes in my show Into the Shadows to be performed at La Mama Courthouse Theatre, November, 24th, 25th and 26th. My show is part of PhD research into analog and digital imagery but I have somehow been seduced by this typewriter and the letters it produces.

    • Hi Lynne, your show sounds great. I will try to catch it. It’s hard not to fall in love with these machines! Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope you enjoyed the article. Justine.

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