On Jupiter, stargazing and our place in the universe

People have looked to the stars throughout millenia. We have used the stars to navigate, to contemplate, and to try to make sense of the universe and our place in it. We have searched for ways to explain the cosmos through the lenses of religion, science and science fiction. The stars hold a collective fascination and wonder that reaches beyond our generations, continents and spiritual and rational beliefs. Last night, our moon occulted Jupiter. The sight of the planet glowing brightly near our moon was beautiful. The haze from bushfires around Melbourne added an eerie orange glow. The heavy smell of smoke from the bushfires juxtaposed with this rare glimpse of a distant planet. The universe dwarfs our existence. It’s nice to be reminded of that occasionally. It caused me to reflect and appreciate the fragile earth that hosts our brief visit here.

An amazing shot of our moon, Jupiter and its moons last night 18/2/13